City of Galesburg


Mayor - Judd Wilson 2020-2024 -

Council Member - Andy Elliott 2020-2024 -

Council Member - Casey Eggermont 2020-2024 -

Council Member - Justin Wika 2018-2022 -

Council Member - John Hopkins 2018-2022 -

Water Superintendent - Ken Voltz - appointed every 2 years

City Auditor - Kitty Showers - appointed every 2 years

Kitty Showers –Has been living in the area since 2008, she is originally from PA. She has assisted in the auditor office in Steele County & works full time as an office assistant/operator in Traill County for The Highway Department, her duties include driving truck, supervising the tar crew & blading when needed. Kitty lives on a hobby farm and enjoys all her critters but most of all her mules, donkeys & dogs. Kitty also enjoys and spends her spare time making things out of used lariat ropes.